William and Tatiana in SYMPHONY. Mobile Image

William and Tatiana in SYMPHONY

Photography by: Michael Modino


"My experience with Luv Bridal was amazing! I arrived at my 1PM appointment this past summer with my mom, 2 of my sisters and my aunt. I met my stylist Riley and she was attentive to my needs and understood I had many insecurities when it came to my body, shape, tomboyish and very casual style. I was very excited when she had me try on the Symphony dress created by Mia Solano—which was surprisingly my very first dress for my appointment! She was incredibly professional and very lovely; I truly appreciated her eye for what fits and works for me."


Tatiana and William's Wedding Day

"Our wedding was simple: we applied for a license to get married at the Anaheim Civil Center. I asked for my amazing cousin, an accomplished and well established photographer to take our photos for our wedding ceremony and reception. I knew I wanted a showstopper-type dress given how tomboyish and un-feminine I am, I wanted to shock and awe. My husband got his suit tailored and got fancy shoes, I purchase all white slip-on Vans. Our wedding was chill, low key and intimate with only immediate family. After we exchanged rings and nuptials my family blew bubbles for our exit. After the ceremony we took more photos before going to Mangia Mangia for an early dinner."


Advice for Other #LUVBrides

"Take your time looking for the RIGHT dress but always set a budget. Give the stylist everything you don’t like first and have a vision in mind."



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Bride: Tatiana Crafton | Groom: William Crafton Jr. | Dress: SYMPHONY by Mia Solano


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